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Cabbages and Kings

Sat. October 27th 2007 The Daily Telegraph

Gordon the Glum

Martin Greenwood, Fringford, Oxfordshire writes that Gordon Brown's performance as Prime Minister reminds him of a quotation from Tacitus about an early Roman Emperor :- 'Omnium cibsensu capax imperii, nisi imperasset', which he says roughly translates as 'Everyone thought he was capable of government, until he tried' and concludes even Gordon Brown's own party realizes that this may be true.

Professor James Tooley (Hyderabad, India) comments on the observations to be made on night long-haul flights to China and South Africa and (commenting on a view expressed by Boris Johnson) and says that the world seems a VAST empty space with only occasional lights signaling human habitation. He tells readers of some important statistics. The SE of England is one of the world's most densely populated places with 419 people per sq. kilometre. Indeed it is three times more crowded than China, (137) Mexico (142) and Nigeria (145) and 30% more crowded than India (329). Interestingly, he goes on to point out that if you took every person on the planet and put them all in France, each person would have 100 sq. metres to themselves...

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